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File:GeorgeWrightHouseHalifaxNovaScotia.JPG|300px|right|thumb|George Henry Wright House - Wright bequeathed his home to the Local Council of Women, Halifax Nova Scotia (1912) The '''Local Council of Women of Halifax''' (LCWH) is an organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia devoted to improving the lives of women and children. One of the most significant achievements of the LCWH was its 24-year struggle for women's right to vote (1894-1918). The core of the well trained and progressive leadership was five women: Anna Leonowens (famous for The King and I), Edith Archibald (who eventually became the leader of the National Council), Eliza Ritchie, Agnes Dennis (president from 1906–20) and Edna May Williston Best|May Sexton.Ian McKay. ''The 1910s: The Stillborn Triumph of Progressive Reform. In The Atlantic Provinces in Confederation'' edited by E. R. Forbes, Delphin Andrew Muise, University of Toronto. 1993. ...
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